Rao Awarded Knights Templar Eye Foundation Competitive Renewal Grant

Post date: Apr 5, 2017 10:58:08 AM

Rajesh C. Rao, MD, is the recipient of the Knights Templar Eye Foundation Competitive Renewal Grant for his project, “Targeting EZH2, a Histone Methyltransferase, as a Novel Therapy for Human Retinoblastoma.” Dr. Rao’s work could lead to new therapies that are more specific to the tumor, preserve vision, and avoid systemic side effects associated with current treatments of retinoblastoma , a blinding and lethal eye cancer in children. The Knights Templar Eye Foundation supports research that can help launch the careers of clinical or basic researchers committed to the prevention and cure of potentially blinding diseases in infants and children, such as amblyopia, congenital cataract, congenital glaucoma, retinopathy of prematurity, and other hereditary eye diseases such as retinal dystrophies or retinoblastoma.